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„The best business I can do, is to earn my money with changing the world to a better place!“


Hello, happy that you found my website. I am Eva-Catrin from Berlin. I give you a you a short introduction and hope that it gives a first overview about my business and goals.I am the founder and CEO of rds energies GmbH - moving forward the renewable energies through the right business contacts. I am also the founder of the brand rds, which stands for business solutions for sustainability - ideas, know how, contacts, internetportals.

I love to do improvisation with my piano and I love to realize business concepts for improving the world. My goal is a sustainable world and the development of business solutions for world problems, like climate change. For bringing the best results for realizing my within the market prooved ideas I need now one strong capital partner.

I am convinced, that the world and economy could be much better and problems like climate change can be solved with the right strategy. My plan is to focus on the goal, discover the solutions, connect the right people and to spread informations and matching opportunities about sustainable business opportunities over the world via internet. There is a uge potential of doing business with sense.

I am doing matchmaking services in the b2b market for developers, building companies and investors through brokering business contacts.

In many countries we have a renewable energy act, which promises fix income (feed in tarifs) for renewable power plants like wind and solar and also others.  Because of this there is a huge demand after this kind of investments.

I have built up my company from my own power. But now it is ready, that my idea should go over the world. If there is a market for my services in your region it would be great to install an rds branch in other countries.  I would sell licences and all my know how and contacts. If you want to do a project development or building power plants I can help you to find right partners. If you are an investor, I would be happy to discuss possibilities. If you know perople, which could help my idea come into realization I would be happy about a recommendation or any support, also help me with a twitter or a facebook link.

Have you any questions? Please do not hesitate to write me, warmest regards Eva-Catrin


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